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Billing Information
Zone Information/Bill Due Dates:
  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Account Numbers* 11 thru 17 18 thru 21 22 thru 28
Billing Date 10th of each month 20th of each month Last Day of the month
Due Date 25th of each month 5th of next month 15th of next month

*Please note that the numbers indicated denote the first two numbers of your account number.
To see the current Water, Sewer, and Sanitation rates, click HERE.

For your convenience, we accept payment in the form of:
Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Bank Drafts, Online Bill Payment, and Credit Card

To make an Online Bill Payment, click HERE.
To download the Bank Draft authorization, click HERE.

To request a Leak Adjustment, download the request form by clicking HERE.

Please Note:
Utility bills are due 15 days after they are issued.  If payment is not received by the 16th day, a 10% penalty shall be assessed.  If an account becomes two months past due, balance in full must be paid to avoid disconnection of services.  Failure to receive bill does not entitle payment without penalty.

Southeast Texas Alerting Network STAN

STAN can call you at home, but it's important to register your cell phone too.