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About Building Inspections/Zoning

The City’s Inspection Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with all City building codes and the City’s zoning ordinance.

The purpose of this site is to assist the applicant in designing a set of plans that will meet or surpass most of the minimum requirements for obtaining a residential or commercial building permit in the City of Port Neches. The following information is not intended to be used for any specific permit applications. It is to be used strictly as a guide to assist the applicant during the plan review process. This information is primarily directed at local officials, building owners, designers, contractors and other individuals or organizations that are interested in doing any construction or building alterations within the city limits of Port Neches.

The City of Port Neches has adopted the ICC Standard Building Code, which incorporates nationally recognized consensus standards for the use in judging the performance of material and systems. This provides for equal treatment of both innovative and traditional materials and systems. It also provides for the efficient introduction of new materials into the construction process and assures high level of consumer protection.

The City of Port Neches has adopted a comprehensive zoning ordinance that will help in the orderly growth and development of the City.  The Zoning Ordinance has been adopted to protect the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the citizens of the City of Port Neches.  The Zoning Ordinance classifies and regulars the use of land and structures within the City limits of the City Port Neches.

For more information regarding permits and inspections, please review the Permits and Inspections Informational Handout.

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