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Emergency Operation Center

When you realize the incident is going to last for several days?

You Need to Establish an EOC

  • Under ICS, the Incident Commanders should have already established a “Situation Unit Leader” and “Response Unit Leader”
  • These two people can assist the “Planning Section Chief” leader in planning for the next operating cycle (usually 12 hours).
  • The Planning Section Chief probably has the most important job in the EOC
  • He is scheduling meetings with the IC’s, Op’s chiefs, and other section chief’s
  • He has most of the personnel in the EOC – more than Logistics, Finance, Operations, and Command
  • What does a planning cycle include?
  • Who has a Planning Cycle to model after?
  • What does it look like?


The Planning “P” description


Southeast Texas Alerting Network STAN

STAN can call you at home, but it's important to register your cell phone too.