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Hurricane Information

How do I prepare for a hurricane?
Go to the website for hurricanes by clicking HERE.

How do I prepare for other types of disasters?

Go to the website main page by clicking HERE.

Texas Division of Emergency Management can provide additional information by clicking on a link below:

Inland Evacuation Map - Beaumont District
To access a printable version of the map below, click HERE.
Inland Evacuation Map

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
Category (1) 75-95 mph (4-5 ft Surge)
Category (2) 96-110 mph (6-8 ft Surge)
Category (3) 111-130 mph (9-12 ft Surge)
Category (4) 131-155 mph (13-18 ft Surge)
Category (5) 156 + mph (18 + ft Surge)

Southeast Texas Alerting Network STAN

STAN can call you at home, but it's important to register your cell phone too.