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Fire Prevention


The threat of arson is real in our community.  Nationally each year, arson investigators investigate many felony cases involving arson, bombings, explosive devices, false alarms, and threats to bomb or burn.   Thousands of dollars in damages are caused by arson fires and lives are lost due to intentionally set fires.

If you have any information or questions concerning the crimes mentioned, please call the Port Neches Fire Marshall’s Office, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or if you need to contact a fire investigator after normal hours, call (409) 722-5885.  For an emergency dial 911.


The City of Port Neches Fire Department has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code published by the International Code Council, Inc. This code prescribes regulations for the identification and correction of fire hazards including the maintenance of exit doors, fire walls, fire protection equipment, flammable liquids and hazardous materials.

Information on the fire code can be obtained from the Fire Prevention Bureau during normal business hours.  If you wish to report a fire hazard you can call (409) 722-5885 Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, or, after business hours if immediate attention is needed.


Fire exits are designed to provide continuous and unobstructed means of exiting out of a building. An exiting system in any building may include intervening aisles, doors, doorways, gates, corridors, exterior exit balconies, ramps, stairways, smoke proof enclosures, horizontal exits, exit passageways, exit courts and yards. Required exit doors must not be locked when a building is occupied.

All exiting requirements are described in the Southern Standard Fire Code. If you should have any questions about your exiting system you may contact the Port Neches Fire Department Bureau of Fire Prevention at (409) 722-5885 during regular business hours.


When planning a home fire escape plan, draw a floor plan of your home. Show all windows, doors, halls, stairs and bedrooms. Make sure all rooms, especially bedrooms, have at least two exits. Draw arrows on your plan to indicate normal exits. Mark emergency escape routes with lighter arrows. These alternative exits are to be used when normal exits are blocked.

Test your escape routes. Make sure windows can be opened easily, and that screens and storm windows can be removed from inside. If your bedrooms are on the second floor, provide folding escape ladders.

To account for everyone’s safety, select and list on your plan a definite meeting place outside the house. Do not waste time gathering valuables or getting dressed. Assign someone to assist infants, elderly, and handicapped family members.

Be prepared to call the fire department from a neighbor’s house by dialing 911. Give the Telecommunications Officer (dispatcher) your name, address, phone number and type of emergency. Wait to answer any questions before terminating the call.

Hold fire drills in your home. Have all family members participate. This will test the practicality of your plan and give you a chance to practice escaping.
For more information, call the Port Neches Fire Department Bureau of Fire Prevention at (409) 722-5885 during regular business hours.
Portable fire extinguishers apply an “agent” that will cool burning fuel, restrict or remove oxygen, or interfere with the chemical reaction so the fire cannot continue to burn. Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher. Consider where you need a fire extinguisher. Identify hazardous areas where fires are likely to start and which type of fire would likely occur in each area. Extinguishers should be kept in a handy location but remote from the anticipated fire area. Everyone in the family should know where they are and how to use them.
For Class A fires in ordinary combustibles, such as wood, paper, cloth, upholstery, plastics, or similar materials, use a water or dry chemical extinguisher. For Class B fires fueled by flammable liquids or gases, kitchen greases, paint, oil, kerosene, or similar materials, use a dry chemical carbon dioxide or halon extinguisher. Never use water. For a Class C fires involving live electrical equipment or wires, use a dry chemical, carbon dioxide or halon extinguisher. If possible, cut off the power. Never use water.

An ABC fire extinguisher will extinguish all three classes of fire and is the best type to have in your home. Check your fire extinguisher for detailed instructions on how to operate your particular type.
For more information, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (409) 722-5885 during normal business hours.

The Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau inspects all commercial buildings to detect fire hazards in accordance with the IFC 2006 fire code. If you have any questions regarding inspections, contact the fire prevention bureau at (409) 722-5885.

Parents can help prevent fire setting by children. All matches and lighters should be kept out of the reach of young children. Very little pressure is required to ignite a disposable lighter. Even a very young child can light a disposable lighter.
Disposable lighters look like toys to young children 3 or 4 years of age, who are developing color awareness. Remember there is a strike zone from the floor to an adult’s shoulder height. Any space form the floor to your shoulder should be kept free of all fire setting materials.

Fire play is a very serious matter. Don’t assume that this is just a phase with your child. Children who set fires or play with fire can be a very serious threat to others and themselves. Children do not have the cognitive powers to understand why they set fires. Children who set fires should receive therapy. Contact the Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau if you have questions regarding this matter. That number is (409) 722-5885.

The City of Port Neches strongly encourages the installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems throughout buildings for the increased protection of both lives and property. Please call the Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at (409) 722,5885.

A plan review by the Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau is required for the installation, removal, or upgrade of all aboveground and/or underground fuel storage systems within the jurisdictional limits of the City of Port Neches. This includes gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gases (propane). If you have additional questions, contact The Bureau of Fire Prevention at (409) 722-5885 during normal business hours.


Fireworks can bring special meaning to the Holidays. However, they can cause serious injury and start dangerous fires. For these reasons, it is illegal to possess, transport, discharge or sell fireworks within the City of Port Neches.
Usually there are public displays of fireworks within the area under the supervision of a State Fire Marshal Licensed Pyrotechnic Operator. If you have any further questions, call the Fire Prevention Bureau and ask to speak to the Fire Marshal at (409) 722-5885.

The Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau encourages business owners to sign up for the Knox Box emergency entry system for emergency fire fighter access. These hardened steel cases can be securely fastened to your building with a FD sign attached nearby so that fire fighters can locate entrance keys for access during non-business hours. For more information on the Knox Box system call the Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau at (409) 722-5885. Only the Port Neches Fire Marshal can authorize these boxes in the City of Port Neches.

If you notice a fire hydrant leaking, notify the Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau to let them know there is a problem anytime from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or (409) 722-5885 after normal business hours. They will need to know the exact location of the hydrant, so be prepared with that information before you call.

Outdoor burning is prohibited in the City of Port Neches. Fines for unauthorized burning may be assessed up to $2,000.00 dollars. For more information contact the Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau at (409) 722-5885.

Parking in designated fire lanes is prohibited. Fire lanes are considered as part of the fire protection system of any building. It is designed to allow unobstructed fire apparatus access at all times to the building in the event of a fire or a medical emergency. Whenever a fire lane is blocked, the safety of that building and its occupants is jeopardized. If you would like more information regarding fire lanes or would like to report a violation, pleases call the Port Neches Fire Prevention Bureau at (409) 722-5885.

If you would like to report a potential fire hazard contact the Port Neches Fire Department at (409) 722-5885. All potential fire hazards will be investigated by the Fire Department and the Fire Prevention Bureau.

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