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Employee Benefits

The City of Port Neches offers numerous benefits to its full-time employees.  The list of available benefits identified below are some of the many benefits offered.  For a complete list of all benefits offered, please contact the Department of Human Resources.


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Health Insurance
The City offers health insurance to all full-time active employees.  Three plans are available for the employee's personal selection.  The City pays 100% of the premium for a single employee on any of the three plans offered.  Dependent coverage is available with the City contributing 51% of the dependent's premium.  Deductibles are available for as little as $750 per covered individual.

Dental Insurance
Dental insurance is offered to all full-time employees with the City contributing 100% of the premium for a single employee enrolled in the Low plan.  The employee is responsible for 100% of the dependent coverage if selected.  Two plans are available to choose from with the High plan offering slightly higher benefits with a small increase in premium cost.

Vision Insurance
Vision coverage is offered on a voluntary basis with the employee responsible for 100% of all premiums.  Single and family plans are available.

Long-Term Disability
The City provides long-term disability insurance coverage on the employee at no cost to the employee.

Basic and Voluntary Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Basic life insurance and accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage is provided at no cost to the employee in an amount equal to 1.5 times the employee's annual salary to a maximum of $300,000.  Additional voluntary coverage may be purchased by the employee to cover the employee, spouse, or dependent children.  Voluntary coverage has specific limits on the amount of coverage that may be purchased and is paid by the employee with no City contributions.

Retirement Savings
The City encourages all employees to save for retirement to supplement Social Security and other types of personal savings.

TMRS - Texas Municipal Retirement System
All full-time employees contribute a mandatory 7% of their salary each pay period to TMRS.  The City matches the employee's contributions at a rate of 2:1.  Employees are vested after 10 years of service and are eligible to retire after 20 years of service and any age OR 10 years of service and age 60.  Employees who have previously worked for another TMRS employer may meet different vesting requirements and should discuss their personal situation with the City or TMRS.  Please note that the City does participate in the Social Security program and withholds the appropriate amount from the employee's earnings.

MissionSquare Retirement (Formerly ICMA-RC)
The City offers employees the opportunity to voluntarily contribute additional earnings each pay period to either a 457(b) or 401(a) qualified plan through MissionSquare Retirement (formerly ICMA-RC).  The 457(b) plan offers the employee the ability to save for retirement with pre-tax dollars.  The 401(a) plan receives contributions on a post-tax basis.  Contribution limits apply based upon IRS guidelines.  In addition to the employee's personal contributions to either plan, the City will match fifty cents for each dollar the employee contributes up to a maximum of 4% of the employees gross salary.  The 401(a) plan has a three year vesting requirement to receive the City's contributions.  The City's plans do not provide for loan opportunities and funds may not be withdrawn from the 457(b) plan until retirement or separation from employment.

Vacation is provided to all full-time employees and begins accrual on the first day of employment with use available following one year of service.  The number of vacation days earned is based upon years of service per the table show below.  Full-time employees must use 80 hours each year and any remaining days are eligible to be sold back to the City at the end of the calendar year with payment normally made on the first payday in December.  No carryover of vacation hours are allowed.  Regular part-time employees earn vacation at a reduced rate.  Please contact the Human Resources department for further details.

Year 1 - 9          3 weeks
Year 10 - 14      4 weeks
Year 15 - 19      5 weeks
Year 20+          6 weeks

Sick Leave
Employees begin accrual of sick leave from the first day of employment with availability for use beginning on day 91.  Non-Civil Service employees earn 12 hours each month of sick leave and may accrue a maximum of 2,920 hours of available leave.  Upon qualified retirement from the City of Port Neches with a minimum of 10 years of service, the employee may sell back a maximum of 720 hours of sick leave.  Full-time employees who do not use any sick leave during the calendar year are eligible to receive one additional vacation day classified as Deferred Leave.  Deferred Leave may be carried over each calendar year up to a maximum of 40 hours.

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