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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive a golf cart or other utility vehicles on public roadways?
Frequently we get questions on the operation of golf carts and other types of utility vehicles on the street in the City of Port Neches.

On June 2nd, 2011, The City of Port Neches City Council approved Ordinance 2011-07 regulating the operation of golf carts within the City.  To read this ordinance in its entirety, please use the following link for the Municipal Codes and refer to section 110.40-46:

An operator may drive a golf cart on a City Street for which the posted speed limit is not more than 35 miles per hour under the following circumstances:

  • Driver must be licensed to operate a vehicle,
  • The golf cart is covered with liability insurance,
  • All passengers must be seated while the golf cart is in motion,
  • No more passengers than the golf cart is designed to seat. (No passengers in lap), and
  • Can cross highway or street with speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour only at an intersection.
Allowing someone to operate a golf cart in violation of State law or City ordinance is a violation, subject to fine.

A golf cart operated under this section must have the following equipment:

  • Headlamps;
  • Taillamps;
  • Reflectors;
  • Parking brake;
  • Mirrors; and
  • Display a slow-moving-vehicle emblem.
Vehicles such as Polaris Rangers, Razors, Kawasaki Mules and other recreational off-highway vehicles (ROV’s) cannot be operated on City streets or highways.

If you have any questions, please contact the Port Neches Police Department.
How can I request specific traffic enforcement on my street or in my neighborhood?

Call 409-722-1424. An officer can be placed on traffic detail to run radar (when call load allows). In addition, placement of the traffic box can be utilized to gather data on vehicle speeds. Placement is dependent upon a location in an area that will be most effective in data collection. 

Can I make a report or provide information through the police department's social media accounts?
No, we do not accept police reports and information through social media. To make a report or pass on information, you will need to contact our central dispatch non-emergency number 409-722-3122, or the police department at 409-722-1424.  This will ensure that you are put in contact with an officer and that your report/information is accurately tracked in our reporting system. Our department social media accounts are not monitored 24/7.

Southeast Texas Alerting Network STAN

STAN can call you at home, but it's important to register your cell phone too.