Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have a pet, what do I do?

    Place your pet in a pet carrier and bring them along with you. NOTE: No pets will be allowed on State provided buses without a carrier.

  • What if I have more than one pet?

    Common Sense will have to prevail. With more than one or two animals, owners will have to find an alternative solution.

  • How do I find out if hotels have a pet friendly policy?

    You can find that information on the internet at the following location: Select the city you are interested in – go down to amenities – click the box (pets welcome) – hit enter and you will get a list that accept pets.

  • What if I have more than one pet? Continued

    NOTE: There are organizations that offer assistance with animals during emergencies. Local EMC’s are attempting to make contact with those organizations and if successful will make announcements on where and what to do during the emergency.

  • If I need a ride, where do I go to in Port Neches?

    Meet at the Senior Citizen’s Center, 633 Grigsby and someone will be assigned to assist you. The State will provide buses w/drivers to transport Port Neches citizens to a predesignated location. This will only be provided if an evacuation is called.

  • How do I get my essential employees through the check points where DPS is located?

    You can call the Port Neches Emergency Management Coordinator at 719-4258 and make arrangements for a regional hologram to place on your DL. The Mayor will authorize essential personnel.

  • What pre-planning has the City of Port Neches taken?

    The City has signed contacts with the following companies:

    1. Pre-Disaster Contract at no cost from Beck Disaster Recovery, Inc to Administer/Manage Debris for the City
    2. Pre-Disaster contract at no cost from DRC Emergency Services, LLG for actual removal of Debris for the City
    3. Pre-Disaster Contract at not cost from Garner Environmental Services, Inc. for generators, food, lights, etc. upon return

    The City has also made application with several grants to equip City buildings with generators and storm protection.