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Arrest Warrants

If the Court issues a warrant for your arrest, it is because you have failed to make arrangements to take care of your citation(s).

Issuance of Failure to Appear or Violate Promise to Appear results in additional fines and fees. 

Your Arrest Warrant options:
  • Enter a plea of guilty or no contest and pay your fine in full to clear your warrants.
  • Request a court date to see the Judge.
  • You may be entitled to a credit toward any fine or costs owed if you were confined in jail or prison after the commission of the offense. You may request this by submitting a letter to the court along with proof of your incarceration (book in date and release date) from the facility where you were confined. Contact the Court via email or phone for additional information.

Capias Pro Fine Warrants

Capias Pro Fine warrants are issued if you have made an appearance, entered a plea and have defaulted or failed to satisfy the terms of the judgment issued by the Court.

Capias Pro Fine warrants are non-bondable.

Your Capias Pro Fine Warrant options:
  • You or someone you know may pay your fine in full to clear your warrants.
  • If you claim you are unable to pay in full you may request a court date to appear before the Judge.
  • You may pay capias pro fine warrants in person with cash or debit/credit card. You can also pay online but must contact the Clerk first.

When you have active warrants, you are subject to being arrested at a residence, place of business, or while in a vehicle.
To avoid arrest, contact the Court to try to resolve your warrants as soon as possible. The Clerk can be contacted at 409-722-1438 for further inquiries and information.

Southeast Texas Alerting Network STAN

STAN can call you at home, but it's important to register your cell phone too.